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It's a bit late for it now, but I thought I would drop in my complete two cents on the Airbender movie, which was... bad. Really bad. Really, really, reallllyyyyyy baaaaadddddddddd. Race fail aside, this film was horrendously awful, like, I don't even know how to explain to you how bad this film was, other than to let out a scream of agonised pain that would make unicorns from two star systems away begin to weep.

This film was that bad. I can't even say it's the worst film I've ever watched, because there were parts I did like, but I can safely say this is the worst adaptation of anything ever, barring maybe a few Uwe Boll movies.

THIS MOVIE WAS TERRIBLE. I concluded that I actually hated this movie more than Twilight because, hey, at least I knew that Twilight was always going to be terrible. There was nothing good to take out of Twilight. Whatever poor sod that adapted it for the screen or radio (that would be interesting. Would Edward make shimmering noises?) would make a terrible movie. Even if it had Stanley shitting Kubrick attached to it as director and John Williams as the composer, Twilight was always going to be bad. At least not without a massive rewrite where Edward rips Bella's throat out and devours her at the end. Which Kubrick might've been open to.

Still, my point is, the book wasn't good, so it wasn't as if any of us were expecting the movie to be any better.

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Day 4 - Your favourite show ever.

It's so hard to say what my favourite show is, because I watch so many shows and they're all really quite amazing so it's hard to say "oh that's my favourite." I was actually going to make a double post with Doctor Who but I changed my mind because Doctor Who has this magical way of annoying me a lot sometimes, but with Pushing Daisies, I just feel happy. I feel warm and lovely and all those things that this show is about, with bright colours and quirky lovable dialogue. I have all these buttons that movies and television shows sometimes press to get me to love them and Pushing Daisies is that one extremely flexible prick from gymnastics class who manages to bend enough to push all of them at once.

everything we do is a choice. oatmeal or cereal, highway or side streets, kiss her or keep her, we make choices and we live with the consequences. if someone gets hurt along the way we ask for forgiveness, it's the best anyone can do. )

It just... it makes me happy. I love this show. I recommend it like nothing else.

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I was going to write a whole review about my thoughts on the episode, but that would take too long and besides it would just have been a reiteration of this conversation.

This conversation contains swearing and Moffat hating and nitpicking and Rose comparisons. Please don't read if you don't like any of that stuff.

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I'm writing this post a little late (okay fine a lot late) because mostly I'm lazy, but it was bothering me enough for me to take a crack at it.

So let's play a little drinking game, children. Except it won't be little, because if you aren't dead of alcohol poisoning by the end of this post, you're playing this game WRONG. Unless you have a liver made out of iron and adamantium.

Basically it's the staple of all drinking games, take a shot every time you see the trope/word/etc. on screen. This is going to be a real fun one, because we'll be taking a shot every time in the Eleventh Hour we see: 1) a Moffat trope, 2) a ripoff from another episode.

Are you feeling a little queasy? It is your brain calculating then screaming about how much alcohol that's going to be.

A couple of shots will be half-shots. I say this because some of these might seem a bit of a stretch, but I feel too strongly about it to let it go, so you do take something. Half-shot seems to be a good substitute, since I'm being glass half-empty, so DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

Some things I will call multiple shots for, because they're pretty blatant and I feel like one isn't enough.

Are you ready? Go!

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