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I drew all this stuff for cp to cheer her up because ILHER. >:|

I did a ton of google searching, trying to make sure the uniform is right but I'M REALLY NOT AS READ UP OR AS RESEARCHED ON THIS AS YOU ARE, I JUST KIND OF LIKE WOMEN IN UNIFORM, SO. I am probably terribly wrong on what her uniform actually looks like.

But I drew it three times just to make sure that.

If I was wrong, I was going to be really really wrong.

Also during my search I found this picture of this woman in her training WRNS overalls and I... just wanted to draw those. So I did.

I drew a small!person sketch of the outfit over her head but I'm lazy and I forgot so I don't have the picture.

I also drew George being a GQ mofo, but LOL it came out terribly so I am not showing it. :|