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Could also be titled: "audio drama actors are dicks who make me like them and then never show up in anything anyone might see ever except like plays that I can't go to."

But not having a life sums this post up better.

Sean Carlsen, Narvin's actor, has been in a grand total of FUCK ALL as far as television goes, but I really really wanted to see him like... actually acting, so I searched on the intarwebs for possibly ages (he's been on like five Casualty episodes, but you know, NONE OF THE ONES THAT THEBOX HAS, so kind of totally useless, what an asshole D:<. Making me enjoy his acting and then showing up in nothing ever). He's been in a few short films as the main actor but nothing I can get my hands on, including one called Back-up, which he might have done just to mess with people (or you know, he might have just needed the job, but I THINK HE DID IT TO MESS WITH ME). He's also been in a very small cooking show, which. Surprised me.

Backup (not Back-up, which is apparently entirely different) is a show from the mid 90s, although I kept thinking it was 70s because of the music, and he's listed in one of the episodes as 'Fan 2' (also, they still had WPC uniforms then? wow). Obviously it was just a bit role, BUT it was the only thing I could find, so I downloaded it.

Aaaaand he's in all of like thirty seconds as an obnoxious football fan (a Liverpool one). And you can barely even hear his voice, which is just a damn fucking shame, you know, but I guess you're not supposed to hear much when you are in a crowd of football fans, especially British ones. So I'll just post these caps with the idea that he is Narvin, which makes things more amusing.

Coordinator Narvin is probably mildly drunk and is singing Liverpool chants with a t-shirt that might be twice his size, idk. Also he is extremely young, wow.

I'm weird because it reminds me of that "L-I-V, E-R-P, Double-O-L, Liverpool FC" chant from Cracker where Christopher Eccleston gets shanked by a Liverpool fan. Just saying.

Coordinator Narvin is ready to get down and be obnoxious (nothing new then) and a mild hooligan.

Coordinator Narvin has the most assholish smile, surprising many, who just thought he couldn't smile.

Coordinator Narvin is confused at why you are harassing his drinking buddy. (News: Narvin has a drinking buddy. More news: It isn't Brax. Or Torvald.)

Coordinator Narvin has a Liverpool accent that YOU CAN'T FUCKING HEAR. God this thing took like a week to download, why do I do this to myself. EVEN BRAX WAS IN A TERRIBLE HIGHLANDER SPIN OFF THAT PEOPLE KNOW. And hate. BUT KNOW.

Coordinator Narvin apparently still manages to be the only not-smiling person in the crowd and also I just like this cap.

General idea: aaaaaaaaaaaugh.

Also lol, his first plot keyword is "Anti-hero".


And also "gay-kiss".

Though apparently that's just referring the shows he turns up in (i.e. Torchwood).